The Last Midterm Test

Hey, it has been a while! I know you miss me, just as I feel sleep-deprivation when I am not in touch with you for quite a long while, Mr. Writing. So shall we?

Today is the last day of the mid-term test. It deserves a status of specialty because it is the last midterm test of last semester of me and my classmates’ senior year. Bravo! The last test is our IS407 course, International Human Rights Law.

We have been suffering from mental “torture” for a few weeks for having simultaneous tests within a week; you know like 3 respective critical tests per week. But, wait! The term I use here “torture” is a bit exaggerating, and lecturer might blame me for falsify the situation as torture.  Since the intensity, severity and intention are not critical enough to be amount to either “torture” or “degrading treatment” because it is just a TEST. And I am sure lecturers are forced by circumstances as well, ending up all the burdens on us, only.

During the test, I was stuck with one question, well actually a lot, but I manage to “sell peanuts” in other questions. FYI in IFL regime, “selling peanuts” means writing whatever you can think of so that you won’t leave the blank space and a lot of kind lecturers tend to buy our fried peanuts as well. So, I was saying I could not answer a question related to “liberty”—when can liberty be taken away lawfully? Give 3 reasons briefly and with examples. I can find one reason: when you are found guilty by the court that you may be detained, which is when your liberty is derogable. I was thinking hard for other two reasons, but I could not, so I left the white space blank – I do not have good peanuts to sell this time. But after test ended, I noticed something, something I and you should know about humans and something to reflect on “exam”, whether it is an “effective” form of getting students to study or is there any other reasons for exam to exist?

Walking out of the classroom and whining about the stupidity of not reviewing enough, I suddenly realized I was reviewing about “forced/compulsory labor” whereby a person liberty is taken away in situations like emergency, military services, etc. But while I was working on the liberty question, there was no the word “forced labor” (even the forced labor also appears in the key term section) that appeared in my brain, which I can use to write in that liberty question. Reflecting back, I have to acknowledge that our brain sometimes use diffuse mode of thinking to connect information we have stored. Have you ever met someone who has not met for a long time and while encountering, you cannot recall his or her name? But after a while, you will be like “His name is Ploy.” It is called diffuse mode of thinking. Here, I think there is a fallacy about exam because exam is designed with a time limit; therefore, we cannot have time to think clearly. Sometimes, good ideas come with a delay of time like the case of diffuse mode.

Given this phenomenon and reality, we should reevaluate how the test nature should be designed by the taking these three into account: time, content and purpose. I believe the content of the exam shall be designed in accordance with the time given or vice versa to ensure that students rightfully can express themselves.

Despite this, I truly believe there are core values of taking exam.  It might be not only about measurement of our understanding and memory, but also to get some information to stick into our brain through the process we have to do for the exam — reviewing (pain, pain, pain, right?). Although we, students, keep excusing ourselves saying exam does not determine our future, exam plays an important role in imprinting what we cover in class to our memory because for some, imposing a rule by having to review is an effective method to remember some important lessons. Our brain may remember only 10% of what is taught in class, if we do not review, I am sure we study nothing. All in all, I appreciate the “exam”, but how it is designed and done shall be reevaluated.

After all, I am just happy today 🙂

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ស​.ស.ន ​^_^



Smart Phone ផ្តាច់អណ្តាត

កម្តៅព្រះសុរិយាចែងចាំងទំលុះក្រណាត់ដែលបក់ផើយៗតាមជំនោរខ្យល់នាខែប្រាំង។ មនុស្សម្នាដែលកំពុងអង្គុយជំវិញតុមូល តះតៀមៗរកធ្វើអ្វីមិនត្រូវ ព្រោះកំពុងព័ទ្ធជុំវិញដោយសម្លេងជជែកគ្នាញ៉េកញ៉ាករបស់អ្នកលក់ និងអ្នកទិញ ហើយថែមទាំងលាយឡំនឹង សម្លេងយានយន្តជិះឆ្វាត់ឆ្វែងគ្មានត្រាប្រណី ។ តុមូល រឺតុជ្រុងមិនថ្វី មានបរិវារពេញៗ។ 

ទោះបីជាក្តៅយ៉ាងណា ក៏មនុស្សម្នាក់ៗបន្តអង្គុយសញ្ជឹងចានដែលរត់ចុះរត់ឡើងដែលប្រហែលជាមិនមែនជារបស់ខ្លួន។ អ្នករត់តុ ញាប់ទាំងដៃ ជើង និង មាត់ស្អេកដើម្បីឆ្លើយតបនឹងសំទុះនៃអ្នកអញ្ជើញមកបរិភោគ។ 

ទិដ្ឋភាពមួយដែលគួរឲ្យគត់សំគាល់របស់អ្នកបរិភោគខ្លះទៀត គឺមានSmart Phoneពេញដៃ។ ភ្នែកក្រលីសក្រលៀសរវាងចាននំ និង កញ្ចក់ទូរស័ព្ទ។ ស្របពេលនេះដែរ បងក្រពះកំពុងតែសប្បាយត្រេកអរជាអនេក តែសង្វែកអីតែបងអណ្តាត ដែលអាហារចូលដល់ជីវហាវិញ្ញាណខ្លួនហើយ តែមិនដឹងរសជាតិ ព្រោះបងខួរក្បាលកំពុងយកចិត្តទុកដាក់នឹងទូរស័ព្ទដៃ។ ដូចគ្នានេះដែរ មិត្តភក្តិខ្លះដែលមកញ៉ាំជាមួយគ្នាតែដូចមកតែខ្លួនម្នាក់ឯង ព្រោះដៃ និងខួរក្បាលកំពុងរវីរវល់នឹងតែកញ្ចក់ទូរស័ព្ទ។ 

ពីមួយនាទីទៅមួយនាទី គំនរចានប្រលាក់ច្រាស់ច្រាលបន្តបន្ទាប់ សបញ្ជាក់ពីសេចក្តីសុខរបស់សត្វទាំងពួងដែលបរិភោគហើយ ក៏ដូចជាសេចក្តីរីករាយរបស់អាជីវករដែលកំពុងកាន់ដុំបាច់នៃលុយដុល្លារយ៉ាងណែន។

សុរិយាដែលអស្តង្គុត ញ៉ាំងឲ្យមនុស្សម្នាដែលចេញពីសាលារឺកន្លែងធ្វើការ ធ្វើដំណើរឆ្ពោះមកកាន់ទីនៃសេចក្តីសុខនៃក្រពះនេះរឹតតែច្រើនឡើងៗ។ នេះគឺជាទិដ្ឋភាពរបស់អាហារដ្ឋានតូចៗក្នុងប្រទេសកម្ពុជា នាស.វទី 21។ 

 P.S. អ្នកសរសេរហ្នឹងក៏កំពុងសរសេរលើទូរស័ព្ទដែរ LOL


A Letter to AYCers

After these 5 years, I still feel the spirit – A.Y.C spirit. The group’s cheerings, endless huggings and thousands of laughters make it a very warm home for me and every AYC member.

Although most of us rarely meet one another, especially previous batches, but every time we do, every minute counts. The indescribable joy of togetherness 🙂

Up and down time are inevitable in every team work. However, the team is able to maintain the bond of family that no group that I myself have worked with can do. With one of the teammates coming all way long from Battambang; some sneaking their valuable time to join, I can feel the spirit and energy that they have towards the team, and it does imply something about these lovely and caring people.

There are tons of good memories while being one of the members, and many more to write and to cherish even after my term ends. The tide will wash up the shore, but I know this friendship will last as along as the tide won’t seperate from the shore 🙂

Short, yet from the bottom of heart: thank you so much bong bong and oun oun. I really appreciate all the lessons learnt and joy all along the way. I love y’all.

Do keep in touch, no matter what!!

With loves,


My YES!+ Journey

It is indeed a great experience!

YES!+ has added lots of calm & pretty perspectives to my personal bank account.

Three months ago, before I joined YES!+, I was so stressed out. I got annoyed by small matters; I cried over the past and future; I questioned about myself too much. I knew something was wrong with me. Coincidentally, YES!+ came!!! There began my journey with Yoga and Meditation.

During the first week, I felt different. The wisdom discussion changed my whole perspective on how I look at my problems. One of things I remember is about stress. Our instructor said that “Stress is the mind going back to the past and the future. We are not doing it right. If we want to be happy, LIVE IN THE PRESENT.” In addition, the meditation – breath in and out – gives me an indescribable state of peace. The relaxation I can feel from meditation is just magical. And I could never imagined how fascinating breath can do to our life.

Within these three months, we learn a lot about LIFE. Since living is an art, we have choice to design it the way we want. Among all possible choices, we choose to be happy by living these principles: live in the present, accept people & situation as they are, believe that opposites are complementary, and don’t be a football of other opinions. More importantly, with more responsibilities, and fewer needs, you will be happier. By taking more responsibility or in another word, just DO it, we will avoid complaining, which is simply how you do not annoy yourself over small or big matters.

Furthermore, I made friends from different backgrounds, yet with common purpose – we all want to be happy. They are the ones who make the experience worthwhile. We organized an event “Yoga and Soulmate” together because we all were so passionate about sharing our good experience with yoga to our friends and family. That was such a good memory.

As always, I am really thankful to those, whose road crossed. Without you guys, the journey is incomplete. Thank you, Parul and Deepak for your effort and commitment!

Have a great & happy life!

With loves,


Mom & Dad’s Love

Some memories can be captured by cameras but good ones are cherished and kept in heart; it anchors there. And those are the best ones to be remembered.

Staying at home after a great-but-tiring semester, I feel I’ve lived a life at home one more time. Home reminds me of my good childhood memories and how grateful I am to be a child of my parents. They are the best parents ever. Their small acts is what I call “love”.

See?? He is a great dad XD #followmystyle

Dad, the household head, a Cambodian’s patriarchy way of putting it, is cold sometimes but caring for his children. His effort of celebrating my 20th birthday reminds me of his care and love for me since I was a kid. Back in kindergarten, I was a “stylish” kid (LOL) as every morning, I insisted mom not only to comb my hair but also to braid my hair or do anything to look good (haha). From time to time, mom was like ” Pa vea, have her hair cut at the neck-length”. From that time on, dad said he was the one who combed my hair to school all the time.” (I am smiling a big smile on my face now)

Apart of everyday care, he also cares about my future. He put me in English school at the age of five despite the fact that money cut short during our time, with neighbors saying “Why do you need to put her in English school so early?”. Enrolling me in school also means that he had to bring and pick me up at school everyday in addition to his work, and he did that till I was in grade 8 or 9. And good is that he is a huggable dad on the motorbike and I still hug him on the motorbike.

Every time, I got a good grade from the first rank till third rank, I always got an incentive from him– he made it a deal. And I managed to get lots of incentives from both English and Khmer schools. I recalled the time I got the student-grade book at grade three and I walked home holding the book with the excitement of sharing him my grade 🙂
Mom, the housewife, a Cambodian way of assigning the role, is way more than that. She is the mother of three, wife of my dad,  a lecturer to student and good friend to her colleague.

If I were a guy, I would marry a girl like my mom. Mom love and care is priceless. She gets up early every morning to cook breakfast for us. We mostly have home-made breakfast: porridge and rice with fish or meat. And the fried rice– one and only taste of mom’s masterpiece (not that it is so good but I and my brothers will know the taste LOL). After work, she will rush to cook lunch for us and make sure it is always on time as we have to go to school at one. Getting up early in the morning, cooking, gardening and going to the market in the morning becomes a habit for my mom.

Furthermore, she has a great love for her one only  daugther. Her tears of joy and missing me, her hugs, and her smiles melt my heart– the love I can never ask for. Such expression of hers happens every time I accomplish something, I return home from exchange programs, when I visit home after a long while, etc. Her love is infinite. At home, I love spending time with her. We go to the market, cook food, garden, chit chat, join her in her office, etc.


There are many untold stories in the world. Some good memories can fade away because of time, environment, brain capacity or emotional interference. Therefore, those in-heart and precious memories should be written down as jotting down is more expressive than photo-taking.

But now I am gonna add more photo lmao


Morning of January 27, 2017

Waking up to a cold cozy morning, and seeing the swaying-along-the wind trees, I am home. Home is where the heart is. Home is where you initially do not miss but once you are there, you feel at ease, in peace and feelingfull (I dunno where i get this word from). And finally, you know you feel home and home does feel you back.

Today is January 27, 2017. My 20th Birthday!Yay! Someone said the “January 27, 2017” has it own specialty with the art embedded since it marks the cyclical round of the earth to its same  place a year ago. So I bet everyday is a day to celebrate, not just the birth date 🙂

That actually coincides with what I’ ve learnt and what have been internalizing. Since everyday is a day to celebrate, we should be happy as much as we can (I don’t mean you make an effort to be happy because if you do, that gonna be adversary). And how we do it is to embrace the present time. My yoga program tutor, Parul, once told everyone that “stress is the condition that the mind is always swaying around the past and future. Once you think too much about what happened in the past and what the future will hold, you are developing a bad condition for your body, mind and spirit. Therefore, the key to happiness is to enjoy the now. (Wait, there are something more than this to be happy ;))

As today is a special day,  I want to thank everyone for their pre-celebration, the cake, the gift, the letter and love with or without expression (I do feel it). Thank you for standing with me during rough time of my emotional instability. Thank for putting up (haha).


With loves, “Happy Chinese New Year! Have  a great one ahead”!

Date: January 27, 2017

Place: on a motorbike, at Psar Beoungkok waiting for mom who is buying food 😉

Writer: Me ស.ស.ន

The sorrow of deep thought is heavier than that of a physical torture.


The energy that drives your actions is your inner, not your outer. And sometimes all you need is accompany, non-withstanding if the others are physically helping you out or not. The presence of them helps you not to lose into the illusion that you are all doing it alone, despite not gaining a virtual helping hand. Or their presence might help you not lose into a deep thought—the sorrow of deep thought is heavier than that of a physical torture.

Being ignore is dreadful. The dreadful state brings up that you feel you should not have felt, the thought that push you to act recklessly-awful to yourself. When emotion controls the brain, you can imagine a boiling volcanic lava that is on the verge of erupting. Suppose it is inside the human body, you can FEEL how bad it makes a person feel. Worse than that is the moment you feel so, the superego in you tries to suppress that id, which drives you crazier because of the battle between the two. Now what??? You are broken into two pieces (or probably more) debating what you should do next. Crying might come naturally since the emotion is head-up. But as I said earlier, the superego arises telling you should calm down, think rationally, etc. So what next? Should I talk? Should I express myself? Should I keep it (the rationality comes)??? Doing the analyzing, you finally decide to keep it to yourself and let it fade away. PEACE for a while. And the process repeats itself…….. if you don’t talk…