A face mask ft a zipped mouth

Hey, it is November 16, 2017 today. The sun is shinning; the sky is reflecting its light blue color; the birds are chirping loudly; the trees are swaying heavily . Just another sunny and windy day in Phnom Penh.

Yet, people are sad but silent. VERY silent.

It’s true. I am also writing this silently. Daddy always warns me “not to involve in politics”. But well, politics touch every aspect of life. He called again this morning to make sure I will not be doing any flash mob today in some prohibited areas. Isn’t that sad when you wanna dance but you are force to stay in your room? (I have to do this, anyways).

In this past few months, coming to work, I feel like everyone is putting a mask: a sad face but thousands of words on the tip of their tongue, which will not spill out by any chances given the “inappropriate circumstances”. Yet, life goes on. We come to work. We do what we are tasked. I am not sure whether I should feel angry or sad for those who are tasked to do something that might be against their will, but they have to do it anyways because of the “duty”, but not the “will”, I bet.

People say if there is a “will”, there is a way. Is that true? Well, I think it is somehow a special encouragement phrase we use for someone who is demotivated or youngsters who do not have to care much about their future yet. But a follow-up question shall be “does everyone always have a will in making positive impacts?” …Umm…. currently, I am still young; I dream of making impacts on this society, so I do have a will, eh? But considering in the future, I am polluted by self-interest and power like becoming a realist as in our IR class, I do not think my life is guided by will power or principles, anymore. That would be so sad to think of, eh. I can’t be that. I am a Jedi 🙂

I do hope everyone will be happy again. I do hope I will not write this silently again in the coming future. Well, no one cares to read, anyways.







Hiding-behind-the-trees Cats

It saddens me. It does, once in while. A sick forest to be further managed.

Riding along the Monivong Blvd, which is now accompanied by skyscrapers and Chinese businesses, sadness hits me when seeing a series of hiding-behind-the-tree cats, longing to catch all of the careless mouses coming through.

Behind such actions, a lot of implications can be drawn related to this anarchic and patronage forest. Although this forest was governed by the set rules and regulations, the biggest and bigger tends to overturn the law in what way they prefer to benefit themselves, and shrinken the smaller. Systematically, to survive, the forest animals, want it or not, have to confine themselves to their superiors via bribing food, nest, and cash??, in exchange for protection from their misbehaving acts.

Worse still, this patronage continues to undermine the development of their inhabitant. Ideally, the inhabitant that all of the animals imagine would be a green and fresh forest, whereby everyone enjoys the tropical fruits, jumping and crawling freely and especially having a party together. A well-organized one. Unfortunately, the patronage system forces them or makes them unconsciously hunt food for just survival and their own nest, waiting to catch all of those careless mouses who do not respect the forest traffic law. Instead of taking time to improve the traffic and make a strategic plan, the cats are now hiding behind the trees to gain all of these stingy bills. What a disaster!

Who to blame? I am not criticizing the cats for their actions, but the system!



Vibrant Vietnam


I am not sure whether joy is associated with traveling, but I am sure whenever I travel, I will try something new, feel different feelings, taste different tastes and learn something different. And that’s a joy for my soul.

The word Vietnam is not alien to me and my population. I suppose we’ve heard about this country ever since we were little, when our father fetched us to buy him coffee from an auntie nearby the house. The shared history between Cambodia and Vietnam have never imprinted a good picture for the people of the two nations. Because of the bitter & sweet history with this neighboring country, the Vietnamese issue has always been politicized back in my country. Yet, I believe each country has a beauty of their own. And that is why my trip begins.

As our sleeping bus is roaming into the border of Vietnam, just like everyone else, I am curious to know about the country I am visiting. Glancing from the window, I can notice the organization of their homeland, green and clean to a greater extend. Paddy rice fields and small houses in a Vietnamese style followed us till we came closer to the city. Ho Chi Minh, mostly addressed as Saigon, is in order with green flowers and trees on the both side of the road, giving us an impression of a good city-planning. Along the street in Saigon, posters and billboard of Ho Chi Minh, addressed as Bac Ho, and  the flag are seen in a lots of places. So are the communist sign and Vietnamese flag.

I don’t know a lot about the Vietnamese nor its history. Yet, our shared history gives me a slight knowledge of who these people are. The peaceful Vietnam we see today might not be the Vietnam we know 50 years ago. Vietnam had gone through series of fighting for their independence from the Chinese, French, and American, respectively. Wars have never been a pleasant idea to anyone in any country, if not the state itself. During the Vietnam war where the South and North Vietnam were polarized by the Ho Chi Minh and Ngo Dinh Diem, although separated by the geography of North and South, people in the South believed in what Bac Ho was promising, a free and peaceful Vietnam unlike President Diem who tried to project American Catholic to the Buddhism population. During the fighting, the villagers would take side to serve Viet Cong by stealing ammunition, first aid or risk their life to give signal to the Viet Cong if they see American coming. Nationalism and thirst for a free Vietnam were within the heart of its people. However, the misery of protracted wars cannot keep such spirits, but instead brings bad consequences, just like our country. Therefore, Vietnam today is a legacy of its protracted wars and history.

But anyhow, the trip was a pleasant one. A glimpse of Saigon tells me that there are more to expect from Vietnam. Its people, scenery, cuisine, etc.!

Aside of the beautiful trees and parks, Saigon has its own specialty, city lights, bars, local milk tea shops opening up very late. I bet everyone who goes to Saigon will carry a memory with them back. And so do I. Meeting up and especially being able to see my cabin mate face after these 3 years is something I am grateful for. I know my mind was smiling when seeing her face and hearing about her good news.

After Saigon, Dalat is our next stop. The way to Dalat is an adventure in itself. Beautiful mountainous areas is shadowing us along the way. With such feeling of excitement, there comes also a slight feeling of nervousness since beneath the two-car route, there is valley of foggy forests,  and deep-down valley. Yet, Dalat of course does not disappoint us. Its steering mountainous area fills the town with beautiful hill-top houses and villas, along with a breezy and cozy weather. The locals look so fresh, beautiful and lovely. That is not the Vietnamese look I have before I visit this country. The local here are quiet, gentle and friendly. Girls, especially, are so beautiful. The make-up face with red lipstick signifies a decent look of modern Vietnamese girls. The way they eat, gather, travel with their family and lovers are just foreign to me, but somehow relatable to our Cambodian culture. In Dalat, aside from motor-bike riding with my tripper,  in this mountainous area, one of the best experiences is making friends with some locals from HCM who came to visit Dalat as tourists. Riding the boat and having a great lunch with them was unexpected yet a great feeling ever.


As planned, we want to do a road trip back to HCM, which is a triangle way. Therefore, following Dalat, there we took another route to Mui Ne, which we initially planned for Vung Tau. The scenery along the way is indescribably stunning: mountain range, valley, lake and sea. It just took my breath away.  In Mui Ne, sadly the weather and exhaustion from previous days do not permit us to have a closer glimpse to the region. We spent a night there, experiencing backpacker village: swimming, reading, eating, and watching the rain.

Lastly, what makes the trip more memorable is, of course, the food and someone whom you share the trip with. Vietnamese cuisine such as Banh Xeo, Pho, Sau a, Xap Xap tastes just right for us, Asian. Drinking hot Sau A in the showering weathering, eating a stumbled-across small Pho place were all great feeling ever. I know my tripper also satisfied with such a adventurous food hunting or all of those adventurous activities we did.

Traveling is somehow out of reach, but as soon as you make up your mind to just give it a shoot and get the ticket, every moment counts.

Big thanks to my tripper for joining the trip despite her health condition 😛

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SST (:


I bet a lot of my friends are having a good time this evening. The post of the excitement and happiness might be flooding my newsfeed now. While, I, have been saying ” I am so happy.” to my friends at least five times after putting my pen down. And I am sure I will feel reckless and incomplete if I don’t let it flow the way it wants. Hence, I am pouring it down in this piece, a piece of happiness, I would say.

Just weeks ago, I decided to change to evening shift with a plan of spending the day doing internship so as to not to feel useless anymore. And it does work out so well. I have been enjoying this semester a lot.

Hey, I know you don’t agree with me. Yes..cos IS406 & IS409 are killing everyone and me. But it has been a fun ride, isn’t it? Although the lecturer is a bit tough, I have to admit I’ve learnt a lot from him and really appreciate him for wholeheartedly teaching us. I do see it.

Another factor is friend, of course. I think i make the right decision to come to the back and eventually make friends with you guys, and everyone surroundings, of course. Although we know each other on the superficial level, I enjoy being with you guys. Well, after four months of observation, I think I understand you guys to a certain extent. Thank you for bearing with me 🙂

This week has been a tough but exciting one. Tough that we have to study and memorize for the exam and tougher is not to see each other everyday any longer. But I bet it is also exciting knowing that “Ok, just 3 subjects more; 2 more; 1 more and BOOM, done!!” Or yay, ” I am graduating soon.”

Some of us are having jobs already. Some are planning ahead about the next step of their life, including engagement, marriage or Master Degree, but whatever you are hoping for, even though we didn’t talk, I wholeheartedly wish you all good luck for your next journey ahead. But wait!! May everyone pass all the test successfully!!!

With loves,
SST (:

What if I don’t have a role in this society?

It has been 20 years so far. 20 years of constant growing up physically, intellectually but less spiritually. Life is not so complicated so far: good family, good work, and good friends. Yet, despite fulfilling such satisfaction, I do not feel the overwhelming fulfilment of life.

What is my spiritual need?

As we grow up in this 21 century, there are several waves of regimes. One of the first that influences my life is volunteerism whereby I started to involve in community work since grade 9; therefore, find it as a simple repetition by my freshman year. Second is getting good GPA and internship in mostly-recognized institution or writing a thesis. Concurrently, obtaining exchange programs and scholarships abroad is also a trend. This will maximize the chance of being employed in a superior industry, being place in a good position with sharp salary.

Is it after all about survival?

As time goes by, those friends of mine start getting engaged or married. They finally found the love of their life and that marks the beginning of “collectiveness” and “interdependence”. From then, it is time for them to think about first hierarchy of need and subsequent ones, whereby shelters, cars, money and babies are primarily on the top list. This might be my story as well.

Does the concept of contributing back to the society or changing the world an illusion?

I don’t care whether it is an illusion or perfection. But what I care is fulfilling my self-need, which may have positive impacts to this society. I’m telling myself to calm down and enjoy some free-time, but free-time gets me to think about this and that.

What if I don’t have a role in this society?







The Last Midterm Test

Hey, it has been a while! I know you miss me, just as I feel sleep-deprivation when I am not in touch with you for quite a long while, Mr. Writing. So shall we?

Today is the last day of the mid-term test. It deserves a status of specialty because it is the last midterm test of last semester of me and my classmates’ senior year. Bravo! The last test is our IS407 course, International Human Rights Law.

We have been suffering from mental “torture” for a few weeks for having simultaneous tests within a week; you know like 3 respective critical tests per week. But, wait! The term I use here “torture” is a bit exaggerating, and lecturer might blame me for falsify the situation as torture.  Since the intensity, severity and intention are not critical enough to be amount to either “torture” or “degrading treatment” because it is just a TEST. And I am sure lecturers are forced by circumstances as well, ending up all the burdens on us, only.

During the test, I was stuck with one question, well actually a lot, but I manage to “sell peanuts” in other questions. FYI in IFL regime, “selling peanuts” means writing whatever you can think of so that you won’t leave the blank space and a lot of kind lecturers tend to buy our fried peanuts as well. So, I was saying I could not answer a question related to “liberty”—when can liberty be taken away lawfully? Give 3 reasons briefly and with examples. I can find one reason: when you are found guilty by the court that you may be detained, which is when your liberty is derogable. I was thinking hard for other two reasons, but I could not, so I left the white space blank – I do not have good peanuts to sell this time. But after test ended, I noticed something, something I and you should know about humans and something to reflect on “exam”, whether it is an “effective” form of getting students to study or is there any other reasons for exam to exist?

Walking out of the classroom and whining about the stupidity of not reviewing enough, I suddenly realized I was reviewing about “forced/compulsory labor” whereby a person liberty is taken away in situations like emergency, military services, etc. But while I was working on the liberty question, there was no the word “forced labor” (even the forced labor also appears in the key term section) that appeared in my brain, which I can use to write in that liberty question. Reflecting back, I have to acknowledge that our brain sometimes use diffuse mode of thinking to connect information we have stored. Have you ever met someone who has not met for a long time and while encountering, you cannot recall his or her name? But after a while, you will be like “His name is Ploy.” It is called diffuse mode of thinking. Here, I think there is a fallacy about exam because exam is designed with a time limit; therefore, we cannot have time to think clearly. Sometimes, good ideas come with a delay of time like the case of diffuse mode.

Given this phenomenon and reality, we should reevaluate how the test nature should be designed by the taking these three into account: time, content and purpose. I believe the content of the exam shall be designed in accordance with the time given or vice versa to ensure that students rightfully can express themselves.

Despite this, I truly believe there are core values of taking exam.  It might be not only about measurement of our understanding and memory, but also to get some information to stick into our brain through the process we have to do for the exam — reviewing (pain, pain, pain, right?). Although we, students, keep excusing ourselves saying exam does not determine our future, exam plays an important role in imprinting what we cover in class to our memory because for some, imposing a rule by having to review is an effective method to remember some important lessons. Our brain may remember only 10% of what is taught in class, if we do not review, I am sure we study nothing. All in all, I appreciate the “exam”, but how it is designed and done shall be reevaluated.

After all, I am just happy today 🙂

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ស​.ស.ន ​^_^



Smart Phone ផ្តាច់អណ្តាត

កម្តៅព្រះសុរិយាចែងចាំងទំលុះក្រណាត់ដែលបក់ផើយៗតាមជំនោរខ្យល់នាខែប្រាំង។ មនុស្សម្នាដែលកំពុងអង្គុយជំវិញតុមូល តះតៀមៗរកធ្វើអ្វីមិនត្រូវ ព្រោះកំពុងព័ទ្ធជុំវិញដោយសម្លេងជជែកគ្នាញ៉េកញ៉ាករបស់អ្នកលក់ និងអ្នកទិញ ហើយថែមទាំងលាយឡំនឹង សម្លេងយានយន្តជិះឆ្វាត់ឆ្វែងគ្មានត្រាប្រណី ។ តុមូល រឺតុជ្រុងមិនថ្វី មានបរិវារពេញៗ។ 

ទោះបីជាក្តៅយ៉ាងណា ក៏មនុស្សម្នាក់ៗបន្តអង្គុយសញ្ជឹងចានដែលរត់ចុះរត់ឡើងដែលប្រហែលជាមិនមែនជារបស់ខ្លួន។ អ្នករត់តុ ញាប់ទាំងដៃ ជើង និង មាត់ស្អេកដើម្បីឆ្លើយតបនឹងសំទុះនៃអ្នកអញ្ជើញមកបរិភោគ។ 

ទិដ្ឋភាពមួយដែលគួរឲ្យគត់សំគាល់របស់អ្នកបរិភោគខ្លះទៀត គឺមានSmart Phoneពេញដៃ។ ភ្នែកក្រលីសក្រលៀសរវាងចាននំ និង កញ្ចក់ទូរស័ព្ទ។ ស្របពេលនេះដែរ បងក្រពះកំពុងតែសប្បាយត្រេកអរជាអនេក តែសង្វែកអីតែបងអណ្តាត ដែលអាហារចូលដល់ជីវហាវិញ្ញាណខ្លួនហើយ តែមិនដឹងរសជាតិ ព្រោះបងខួរក្បាលកំពុងយកចិត្តទុកដាក់នឹងទូរស័ព្ទដៃ។ ដូចគ្នានេះដែរ មិត្តភក្តិខ្លះដែលមកញ៉ាំជាមួយគ្នាតែដូចមកតែខ្លួនម្នាក់ឯង ព្រោះដៃ និងខួរក្បាលកំពុងរវីរវល់នឹងតែកញ្ចក់ទូរស័ព្ទ។ 

ពីមួយនាទីទៅមួយនាទី គំនរចានប្រលាក់ច្រាស់ច្រាលបន្តបន្ទាប់ សបញ្ជាក់ពីសេចក្តីសុខរបស់សត្វទាំងពួងដែលបរិភោគហើយ ក៏ដូចជាសេចក្តីរីករាយរបស់អាជីវករដែលកំពុងកាន់ដុំបាច់នៃលុយដុល្លារយ៉ាងណែន។

សុរិយាដែលអស្តង្គុត ញ៉ាំងឲ្យមនុស្សម្នាដែលចេញពីសាលារឺកន្លែងធ្វើការ ធ្វើដំណើរឆ្ពោះមកកាន់ទីនៃសេចក្តីសុខនៃក្រពះនេះរឹតតែច្រើនឡើងៗ។ នេះគឺជាទិដ្ឋភាពរបស់អាហារដ្ឋានតូចៗក្នុងប្រទេសកម្ពុជា នាស.វទី 21។ 

 P.S. អ្នកសរសេរហ្នឹងក៏កំពុងសរសេរលើទូរស័ព្ទដែរ LOL